“If you’re marching the streets, peacefully speaking your voice and out after the now-cancelled curfew, I have no interest in charging you with a crime,”  Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes. (courtesy MyNorthwest.com).

And with that statement, the chances of anyone being held responsible for the burning, vandalism and destruction in Seattle's Capitol Hill District and elsewhere just about went up in smoke. This includes the many arrested over the last few weeks, when the unrest began.

There have been a few isolated arrests when persons committed an obvious felony right in front of officers. But by and large, according to reports, the dropping of 'all' charges against those related to the CHOP takeover (Capitol Hill Occupy Project) was one of their big demands.  It appears Seattle met it without any resistance.

Holmes claims the violent or felony offenders who were caught "represent a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the people who are out decrying racial injustice and police actions, both nationwide and here in Seattle." 

He said they would prefer to institute more programs of what he referred to as "restorative justice."  One of those programs is called Choose 180, it's reportedly a diversionary workshop for lower level criminals.

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