Following the latest injury incident at the Palouse Falls in northern Franklin County, Sheriff Jim Raymond's office has issued public safety reminders for those who wish to visit the area.

Thursday evening rescue crews were called to the area about a person who was seen falling close to the falls.

Few details are known, but shortly before 6PM it was confirmed rescuers did find the person, they were alive, and they were taken to an area hospital. The nature of their injuries is not known.

Four men in their 20's have died in the last four-plus years at the Falls. Two fell off cliffs in unsecured restricted areas, two drowned trying to swim under the falls directly.

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Officials say that's dangerous because the turbulent water is more dangerous than it looks. The water plummets nearly 200 feet off the cliff and it's no place to be in the water.

Now, Sheriff Raymond posted this on the Franklin County Sheriff's Facebook page and distributed this to local media:

"While Palouse Falls is open to all, getting this close to the edge of the cliffs is highly discouraged for obvious reasons. Rocks can easily become unstable, and falling from these heights can easily become fatal.
Whatever your reason may be for wanting to get closer - a selfie, a better view, etc. - please avoid doing so for your own safety and the safety of those around you."
  They included an image that was recently sent to the Sheriff's office, showing a couple of people who had gone beyond the fenced-off safety areas. Officials say people who choose to wander down unsecured 'trails' for a better look could fall, because rocks easily become dislodged and the ground is not secure.

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