A recent social media (Facebook) ad-picture by the Washington State Department of Health has touched off a lot of discussion.

The ad contains this caption along with the picture. It reads, in part:

"Be a model of behavior you want to see. Leave you mask on where your son can see it. Use it doing simple tasks such as doing the dishes....so it will serve as an example."

It appears to be targeted towards Hispanics as the English appears to be a translation, but the point is they're trying to, at and early age, instill that wearing a mask is 'necessary.'

There's plenty of debate on the issue. Some publications point out the basic ineffectivenes of such masks in preventing the spread of COVID.  Many government officials and a lot of companies have 'bought in' to the premise and they're pushing it.

Cottage industries have sprung up, making a fortune selling designer and custom masks. But then social media is full over videos from confirmed medical workers who say wearing a mask doesn't really help, especially healthy people. They say it causes you to breathe back in your own pathogens, and can actually weaken your own immune system.

LiveScience.com admits in some cases it can help, especially for those who have it, but it's NOT the catch-all device we're being led to believe it is.

Regardless of your stance, this ad has set off a lot of conversation. Some say it's part of what's called "neuro-linguistic programming," or constant reminders (drumbeats almost) that we need to wear masks, and practice certain other behaviors.

To see the page with the picture/ad, click on the button below.

What are your thoughts?

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