You may remember May 2010, in San Francisco, several white students were asked to leave their high school after wearing patriotic clothing and flags on their outfits on Cinco De Mayo day.  They have now lost their lawsuit thanks to a liberal judge.

A federal court has ruled ath Live Oak High School, and the Morgan Hill school district did have the right to censor their right to free speech when the school officials feared it could cause a disruption or security issue.   You see, Hispanic students were allowed to display their flags and on their clothes, but non-Hispanic students were denied the right to wear Old Glory.  The school feared doing so could create an explosive situation, and they feared it would offend the Hispanic students.   When the students were asked to remove the American flag clothing and refused, they were asked to leave school, in other words, kicked out.  Their parents sued, and it made it all the way to A Federal Court.