Cabel Adams Is The Creator Behind The Horror Balloon Festival

Prosser and Walla Walla are both known for their amazing balloon festivals but what if we could get Tri-Cities their own unique balloon festival?

@c483L / Cabel Adams
@c483L / Cabel Adams

Adams Says He Was Inspired To Entertain The Locals In Eugene

Halloween is around the corner and what Tri-Cities really needs is an awesome balloon festival we can call our own.

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I spotted an amazing array of balloons on some Facebook pages like the Lane County Fair in Oregon and on the Facebook page All About Colorado.

Those pages had posted the most amazing life-like balloons of some of horror's favorite baddies. If you've got an astute eye, you'll even see the members of the Insane Clown Posse.

@c483L / Cabel Adams
@c483L / Cabel Adams

This would be an insane balloon rally to bring to the Tri-Cities but I soon discovered that these balloons are the work of one amazing artist.

@c483L / Cabel Adams
@c483L / Cabel Adams

Cabel Adams is from Eugene Oregon and he designed the images that you are scrolling through. They are so realistic, that you'd think it was a real balloon rally but he actually created all the images that you are viewing right now.

I asked Adams what was his inspiration behind the pictures:

I’m a virtual reality sculptor and photographer. I live in Eugene oregon. Our town hosted the world track championships recently, which is comparable to the Olympics.

I live downtown Eugene and our town started throwing all these events for the athletes and guests from out of town. They were really fancy and made the locals feel left out in my opinion.

I decided to do a prank and get photos during the festivals and to add these hot air balloons.

I felt it needed some juxtaposition, so I added the insane clown posse and some well known horror characters. I figured this would keep rent low and Californians from moving in.

The photos went viral and got lots of attention with mostly people arguing why the insane clown posse would be with all these block buster horror characters in this fictional balloon festival.

A Horror Character Balloon Festival Would Be A Huge Hit In Tri-Cities

I thought the photos came out cool and they’re definitely a part of history now seeing how they’ve had millions of views. Oh, and by the way, yes, I’m down w/ the clown.

I loved reaching out to Cabel Adams and someone needs to take his inspiration and take it one step further by building these hot air balloons.

I've seen these photos all over the place, now it's time for someone to make this horror balloon festival a reality and bring it to the Tri-Cities.

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