Information was released today, Tuesday, showing the results of the first ever major government effort to control invasive mussel species has paid off big time.

Many types of mussels are considered to be the squatters of the marine world, they devour and destroy food supplies needed by other marine life, and produce damaging effects to plants and other edible shellfish.

Not the most scintillating topic, but when you consider the US Dept of the Interior (USDI) says invasive mussels (clam like monsters) cause over $1 billion in economic damage to our shellfish and food industries, it's big deal.

USDI says the Safeguarding the West from Invasive Species Initiative has resulted in significant reduction to predatory invasive growth in Colorado and Washington state, to name a few areas.

In the Colorado River Basin, the program cleaned out most of the species in the Lake Havasu and other recreational and food source areas.

Accordign to USDI:

"In the Columbia River Basin, where mussels have yet to invade, Interior and its partners expanded regional watercraft inspection and decontamination programs, strengthened coordinated monitoring, tested rapid response plans and developed an Endangered Species Act consultation manual to expedite environmental compliance during emergency response to mussel detections."

In addition at least 7 other major environmental tasks were undertaken and completed, helping to reduce the hundreds of millions of dollars in damages caused by invasive species on our food supply and growth-fishing areas.

To see more about the Safeguarding the West report, click on the button below.

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