Virtually nobody touched this one in the news, but now more workers at the state level will be facing a Nov. 30 vaccine mandate deadline. At least 11-30 is the 'drop dead' mark on the calendar, so to speak, or the 'termination day' if we are to believe Inslee's get the shot or get fired mandate.

In a move that went virtually unnoticed, except by us, Monday 9-27 Gov. Inslee extended the state's public sector vaccine mandate to include the following (from the information release):

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...(the mandate was expanded)   "to include on-site contractors who contract with the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Commissioner of Public Lands and the Department of Natural Resources, the Office of Insurance Commissioner, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction."

These agencies are already under the previous Oct. 18th mandate deadline that's caused so much ruckus. But now, this affects many other workers who sub-contract or are directly affiliated with these departments.

Inslee's statement went on to say:

"These on-site contractors must be fully vaccinated by the date established by the state agency, but not later than November 30. The decision to add these contractors was made in collaboration with these state agencies."

No other information was included. It is not known if these workers will be afforded exemption opportunities, although one would think they would, just like other state workers.


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