Hyundai (Getty)
Hyundai (Getty)

Perhaps Kia and Hyundai should be suing Tik Tok

  22 states demand automakers provide steering wheel locks

It began as yet another non-sensical (and even dangerous) video challenge on Tik Tok. The Chinese-owned social media app is no stranger to controversial and even fatal challenges.

As far back as last September, news outlets and law enforcement were reporting on and not amused by a challenge video, showing people how to relatively easily hotwire and steal certain models of Kia and Hyundai cars by using only a USB chord.

Now, the Attorneys General in 22 states has signed onto a letter demanding these automakers provide their customers with steering wheel locks, according to The Center Square. 

Wisconsin, who is leading this effort, says the majority of cars stolen in Milwaukee were affected Kia and Hyundai models.  The letter, signed by the officials including WA State AG Bob Ferguson, demands a recall by the car companies, and besides fixing the security 'defect' they want them to provide steering wheel locks, which make the car impossible to drive.

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News outlets continue to release numerous reports about people who have been injured or even killed doing Tik Tok Challenges.  While supporters of free speech say it's up to people to choose not to do dangerous things, in this case critics say the social media platform is contributing to crime by not pulling controversial and dangerous material off of its platforms.

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