This will likely send ticket sales through the roof.  Washington's Lottery is going to give somebody the trip of a lifetime, but the contest ENDS Wednesday eve January 21st.

Lottery officials announced  a special prize will be given to somebody who buys a $10 Powerball ticket at participating Safeway stores and gas outlets. 

Upon purchase at Safeway, they will also be given a special mail-in voucher that will put them in a drawing for two plane tickets to Phoenix and the Big Game, hotel, and spending money.  If you don't win that, 12 others will be given special gift vouchers to be used at the Seahawks Pro Shop. The amount of those vouchers was not immediately released.

So,  expect a stampede to Safeway in the coming days. BUT you only have til tomorrow, Wednesday. Must be at least 18 or older to purchase lottery ticket and enter, per usual lottery rules in WA and for Powerball.

Might be a good idea to call the Safeway stores in our region to make sure they are participating.

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