Following the eventful protest march in Richland on the 4th of July, a number of people reached out to us at Newstalk870, to inquire about where they could submit feed back and opinions.  Regardless of the event or entity, most who work in media are glad to help steer people in the right direction.

The march, which began sometime after 11AM near the John Dam Plaza, quickly turned into an 'unruly' affair, with protesters blocking traffic on George Washington Way at multiple locations as well as on Knight Street. Some motorists reported protesters hit or laid their hands on their cars; others were seen swiping or swinging signs at passing vehicles. Video footage from KEPR-TV captured numerous chants laced with profanity, including "f-the police" and a lot of very vocal exchanges between some protesters and passers-by.

We also heard from a few drivers who had business in Richland that day, but after running the 'gauntlet' in that area, chose to leave town via the Bypass Highway.

The event was viewed by many as very disruptive, and a number of Richland and/or area residents were looking for ways to voice their views.

We contacted the City, and they said citizens can call the Communications and Marketing Department. for starters, with their input  at (509)-942-7386. Citizens could also call the City Manager/City Council at (509)-942-7381. Officials stress that input is always welcome from residents who live in the city.

If you do reach out, make sure you do it respectfully and in a civil manner. That will almost always make your message more readily received.

To see a list of Richland contact information, click on the button below.

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