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We hear so much about the most expensive areas to live in the US.  Architectural Digest online (AD) has compiled a list of the ten most expensive neighborhoods or communities, based upon home values.

   Most of these are well into the millions

In their story dated February 13th of this year. AD has put together this list, based on home values (average).

Coming in at 10, is Woody Creek, Colorado, ZIP Code 81656. Located near Aspen, the population is just 290 people, but the average home value is $4,336,373. Some of its notable residents include actor Don Johnson, and Don Henley of the Eagles (reportedly).

At Number 9, Brunswick, Georgia, ZIP Code 31561. Brunswick includes some islands, Little St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and St. Simons Island, and home price average $4,365,388.

At number 8, Watermill, New York, ZIP Code 11976. Technically part of the town of Southampton, the average home price is $4,372,420. Jennifer Lopez has lived here as has Richard Gere.

Number 7 takes us to Newport Beach, CA. ZIP Code 92657, with an average home price of $4,378,430. It was the home of the fictional Cohen Family from the O.C. TV show.

Number 6 is Los Altos, CA, ZIP Code 94022. Average home price: $4,495,775. Not far from LA, it's primarily a residential community.

Number 5 is Montecito, CA, which is said to be a star enclave. Average home price is $4,503,435. Famous people who live or have lived in ZIP Code 98301 include Gwenyth Paltrow.

Number 4?  Sagaponack, New York, ZIP Code 11962. The town, also part of Southampton, is just 4.56 miles of land, but the average home price is a staggering $5,168,916.

In at Number 3, Beverly Hills, CA ZIP Code the famous 90210, like the TV Show. Average home price? $5,243,140, and it's home to just about everyone famous at one time or another.

Number 2 goes to Miami Beach, Florida, where tennis champ Boris Becker and Oprah and actor Mel Brooks live. Average home price?   $5,675,294 in Zip Code 33109.

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 And the most expensive ZIP Code in the US? Atherton, CA. The zoning laws allow only one home per acre, and the numbers vary as to how expensive they are, but apparently the highest in the US for any ZIP code. It's located not far from the Bay Area, in San Mateo County. ZIP Code is 94027.

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