Ava is a fighter, and people are virtually lining up for an opportunity to adopt her.

In a story that's captured the public's attention, Ava is nearly ready to be adopted after being nursed back to health from a nearly horrific fate. The little five-month old black chihuahua was found about a month ago in a trash can at a North Oregon Avenue car wash in Pasco.

Ava's doing much better, after having been found in the trash can, with duct tape wrapped around her neck and a plastic bag tied as well. Whoever disposed of her taped the materials in such a manner that the puppy could not get out of them. She was also suffering from other physical issues, possibly related to abuse.

She was nearly dead, with double eye-infections, and still has some back and other issues. She's being treated at the Pet Medical Center in Pasco. Ava is not ready to leave yet, as staff say she's still a bit weak. Also, if she's touched in certain areas, she still shows some sensitivity and is a little skittish. But she has recovered remarkably, and daily shows more of her personality.

Unfortunately, because there's no security or surveillance cameras at the car wash facility, identifying who dropped the dog in the trash will be almost impossible to determine.

But soon, the dog will be ready for adoption, and numerous people have applied. More applications are coming in daily. Officials say although only one family will be able to take her, it calls attention to the many other animals in the area that are in need of good homes to take care of them.

If you would like a chance to give this little dog, or any other animal a home, contact the Pet Medical Center, here's a link to their pet adoption forms and information.

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