As far fetched as this may sound, the attorney who drafted I-502 says marijuana delivery could happen. Alison Holcomb, who was behind the language in the pot-legalization, bill says it is not out of the question.

From Seattle-based The Stranger website:

The relevant language appears in RCW 69.50.325(3), which states: 'There shall be a marijuana retailer's license to sell useable marijuana and marijuana-infused products at retail in retail outlets. I think this means the sale—the financial transaction—has to happen at a retail outlet,' Holcomb says in her reading of the law, 'But I don't see why this couldn't allow credit/debit sales over the phone with an employee at the retail outlet, for delivery by an employee of the retailer.' However, she adds, 'Calling in an order and then paying cash at the point of delivery might be problematic.'

The problem would stem from a marijuana store having a bank account since the accounts are federally insured and federal law prohibits marijuana. Perhaps they could use a credit union.

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