Actually, the legislator's premise makes sense, but the idea is pretty gross.

If a GOP legislator from Athena gets his way, people would be allowed to harvest and yes, eat, roadkill from animals they hit with their vehicle. Accidentally of course.

It was a drive through the countryside that prompted Senator Bill Hansell to introduce a bill that would allow people to just that. Hansell decided to introduce the bill after seeing a number of animals that had been struck by vehicles, lying by the roadside.

According to,  Senate Bill 372 would allow people to gather up deer or elk that are struck, and harvest them. Hansell says, according to mycolumbiabasin, some 6,000 animals were struck in Oregon last year, resulting in a lot of work by state and wildlife agencies having to use resources to pick them off roads and highways. He says he's worked with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to craft the legislation.

A similar law has been passed in Washington state last year, and some 1,100 harvesting permits were issued.  Hansell says it would work in Oregon.

No word if any of the Washington permit holders own restaurants.  Just sayin!



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