Due to difficulty in finding an suitable courtroom or venue to hold the Coroner's Inquest, Dan Blasdell says it may be moved outside Franklin County.

Blasdell, the Franklin County Coroner, wants to conduct the fact-finding inquest to determine the exact facts surrounding the Antonio Zambrano fatal shooting in Pasco in February.

Blasdell, who recently appeared on Newstalk 870's Meet In The Middle Program, wants to dispell rumors and misinformation by conducting the inquest. However, he says he's not been able to book a courtroom to conduct the event.

He had hoped to do it sometime during August. Now, he says he may look into moving the inquest to Grant or Yakima County.

Blasdell says he's experienced 'difficulty' in locating a courtroom, but other county officials say that's not the case. Supporters of the inquest say the county is stalling in hopes of putting if off, fearful of what the results might be.