Although it's down just a hair from 2016, Washington apple farmers again will be giving everybody a chance to eat an apple a day, so they can keep the doctor away.

The Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) Tuesday released their forecast for the 2017 apple harvest, and there's going to be a lot.

It's estimated some 5.2 billion pounds of apples will be picked, enough to fill just over 130 million standard 40 pound apple boxes.  Which ones are the most grown?

Red Delicious are still the standard, with 24% of production, Gala apples 22%, Fuji 14%. Then comes Granny Smith at 13%. Rounding out the field are Honeycrisp, up a bit this year to 8 percent and Cripps Pink apples at 5%.

Typically apple harvest begins in August, and can run as late as November, depending upon the weather. The forecast can also affect the total crop. Good weather means more apples, bad weather, less.

Well, as the doctor reportedly said about know!

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