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According to the National Weather Service Pendleton, OR, just about everyone in SE WA and NE Oregon got severely windblown Monday night.

  Gusts well over 60 MPH registered multiple locations

 According to the NWS, the following locations registered one or more wind gusts over 60 MPH:

  • Pasco Airport  68 MPH
  • Benton City-West Richland (one of several reporting stations( 72 MPH
  • Kennewick (near Highway 395 south) 68 MPH
  • Burbank (near Nine Mile Hill)  62 MPH
  • Walla Walla 59 MPH
  • Hermiston 61 MPH
  • Pendleton 59 MPH
  • Beverly (north of Mattawa) 76 MPH
  • Goldendale (along the Columbia River) 60 MPH
  • George, Ephrata and Moses Lake all recorded gusts between 53-55 MPH

In addition, power was knocked out for thousands of Benton County customers, according to the Benton PUD and NBC Right Now, at one point nearly 50K people were without power for at least a short period of time. Lights flickered around the region as the gusts played havoc with power poles and power lines.

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Now that the system has largely passed, we will still see some breezy conditions but it's being replaced by colder north winds and a chance of snow for Eastern WA and Eastern Oregon, at least throguh Friday.


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