While it is not considered illegal, it is considered "cheating" in the election honor code - if there is one.

The Obama administration and election team are quickly backpeddling away from a group of protesters in Michigan, who admitted to BuzzFeed.com political journalists that they were being paid to hold signs, protest, and heckle at a Mitt Romney event scheduled in DeWitt Michigan.

One of the protestors said they were being paid $2.75 and hour. Another in a different group claimed he was being compensated to the tune of $17.00 an hour! Several of the protestors, at different venues no less, confirmed they had been 'sent' to the Romney events and were being paid by a group called 'Good Jobs Now.'  They also said GJN was union affiliated.  A spokeswoman for the group denied any such activity saying it is a state wide community activist group.

In political circles, paying protestors and hecklers to show up at opposing candidates events is considered to be cheating, which is why the Obama team is scrambling to distance themselves from such protesters. Obama has been heavily backed by unions throughout the Michigan area.

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