Monday afternoon, Kennewick police on patrol noticed something that just didn't look right.

They're trained to quickly assess just about every part of a vehicle, and in this case, the suspect's lack of artistic ability did him in.

Around 12:01pm, officers near Vista Way in Kennewick saw THIS on the license plate of a truck headed towards Clearwater. The driver, Mark Owens, was pulled over. Turns out he'd used a marker to try and 'draw' a legal registration tab on the plate! He even used black and white markers to try and match the appropriate color for that month.

Owens was nailed for driving on a Suspended License, and faces several others for the license plate fail. Yes, the truck was not legally licensed to be on the road, as the tabs had expired nearly a year ago in 2017.

Guess those art classes didn't pay off after all...

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