The Washington State Energy Site Evaluation Council recently granted a land-use permit for the development of this massive windfarm.

Local group bands together to fight windfarm

A Go-Fund-Me has been started by the group #SaveOurRidges to hopefully obtain an attorney who specializes in land-use litigation, so they can fight the Scout Energy Windfarm Plan.

Since late 2020, when the plans were unveiled, various groups have shown opposition to the massive project. It would build as many as 244 wind turbines the height of the Space Needle along a 24-mile span of the 'spine' of the Horse Heaven Hills.

Scout Energy of Colorado is the company that wishes to do this. Of course many state officials, including Gov. Inslee, are all in favor of it.  It's no secret west-side leaders want to see all these so-called "green" energy projects located on the east side, so they don't have to deal with the consequences.

In fact, legislation that would slow these projects, and allow the affected communities more say in where they are located was shot down by Democrats in this last legislative session. Gov. Inslee vetoed what was left of the bill after it finally passed.

  Now, local group fighting back.

In June of this year, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement will be released, concerning what effects these turbines would have on the ecosystem of the HH Hills area. Also, that is when the public comment period starts.

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Citizens are encouraged to follow this process and when it opens, make comments about their views on the project. Due to the speed with which the permitting is moving, Save Our Ridges fully anticipates the need for legal action to challenge it.

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