Reading some of the fallout news reports following Gov. Inslee's mandate that health care workers and state employees get vaccinated by October, it didn't go unnoticed that one of the larger groups pushing back is a labor union.

SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is hardly a bastion of conservative thought or policies. You may recall a few years ago their widespread marches and rallies pushing for $15 minimum wage. They even had a couple of people standing on Court Street in Pasco by McDonalds.

However, according to sources, including KOMO TV news in Seattle, they're one of the larger groups pushing back against Gov. Inslee's vaccine mandate. SEIU is resisting the mandate saying the best approach is through education and outreach, but NOT making it mandatory.

Inslee's mandate is pretty clear, despite its fancy wording, that if persons covered by the vaccine rules don't comply, they could potentially lose their jobs.

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The mandate does include medical or religious exemptions, but it is not yet clear how difficult that might be to obtain, or what effect it will have on a worker's job and conditions.

According to KOMO, State Senator Mike Padden (R-Spokane Valley) is very worried about this mandate.  He wonders what will happen if it doesn't work to the extent the state is hoping.  He was quoted by KOMO TV as saying:

"I mean, are they going to strap people to gurneys and force shots into their bodies?"

The FDA has yet to formally approve any of the COVID Vaccines, meaning they are still under the category of EUA , or Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA and Federal law say EUA products cannot be forced on citizens, they must be given a choice.


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