Porch pirate (KPD)
Porch pirate (KPD)

Kennewick Police are seeking leads to ID this porch pirate.

Man steals package from porch, turns out its college textbooks

On Wednesday, January 11th. around 5:15 PM, Kennewick Police said this man stole a package off the porch of a residence.

KPD and the homeowner have provided a portion of the security camera footage, with the hopes of locating him.  They did not say if the blue bike pictured was his.

The package, according to the victims, is a college textbook a girl at the home was waiting for to help finish her education. And, we know college textbooks are not inexpensive.  The specific address of the incident was not released by KPD.

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Anyone who can ID this person is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. The video is below.

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