We were hearing some rumblings around the community early Thursday in Kennewick, about mask mandates returning to public city operated buildings.

So, we called.

Are They On Again Regardless of Vaccine Status?

A call fo the City confirmed that yes, as of Thursday August 5, anyone entering a City of Kennewick operated or controlled facility will be required to wear a mask.

Whether it's City Hall, Police Station, or anywhere else. This also applies to such facilities as the Kiwanis Building and the Numerica Southridge Pavillion and the GESA Carousel of Dreams. That also includes any other City Parks and Rec entities.

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Masks are required, we were told, regardless of a person's vaccination status. City Officials said there's been a large increase in cases in Kennewick (and the region) and they are working with the Benton Franklin Health Department.

No word as to how long this will be in place. One source told us they are one of a number of business and event people who rent City facilities for events, especially at Kiwanis or Southridge, and they were told no exemptions, even for persons who may be carrying official letters from Doctors.

We've noticed a few business doing the same. We took one of our dogs in for a vet treatment, blood work 2 days ago lobby open. But Thursday, day of surgery, they had signs up, and would come get your pet from the parking lot.

The City said they are following CDC guidelines, we will continue to monitor this as it happens.


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