Authorities, including the FBI, say they had nothing to do with the destruction of a large wooden cross memorial honoring LeVoy Finnicum near Burns, OR. (Finnicum is pictured showing media FBI spycam box found near standoff site).

At the site where he was fatally shot by FBI agents, supporters had erected a large wooden cross, supported by a concrete base and other components. Apparently the memorial was taken down sometime just before last weekend.

According to the Oregonian Newspaper, the base of the cross was still standing, but the rest had been destroyed. Oregon Department of Transportation and State Patrol officials say nobody from the government had anything to do with it, nor were there any orders to remove it.

The Pacific Patriots Network, who staged a peaceful car parade protest in Burns recently, are offering a $500 reward leading to information about who might have taken down the memorial.  Finnicum was buried last Friday in his hometown of Kanab, Utah.


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