Once again, Obama shows he is willing to circumvent Congress (and citizens opinions) when it comes to legislation he wants.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said by email that if Congress continues to "stall", then the Obama Administration will reportedly be forced to enact executive orders that would essentially put the bill in place.   Offered up by several Democratic Senators,  the Cybersecurity Bill also contains  several anti-gun provisions.   As we recently detailed here on our website,  the Cybersecurity Bill would put in place significant weapons restrictions on the  American public. 

 Two weeks ago, we told you how these gun control measures were slipped into a bill that was supposed to "strengthen" our internet security.   The reason the bill was successfully blocked by Senate Republicans is because of the gun provisions.  The internet portion of the bill would require companies to meet certain "security" provisions (whatever those are!) and also share information with the government about potential security threats.

   According to the bill's sponsors,  the information sharing and interaction would make companies,  private industries and even public facilities such as water treatment plants more secure from hackers and cyber-attacks.

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