Pasco's Community Survey results from 2017 are in, and overall it shows favorable opinions from its citizens.

According to data, and comparing with the last such survey done in 2015, some key areas showed growth.

   "Ratings for the overall quality of life in Pasco (an increase of “excellent/good” from 59% to 69%), Pasco as a place to retire, Pasco as a place to live and the overall image of the City all improved in 2017. The rating for Pasco as a place to retire was at an all-time high in 2017.

·        Pasco residents also gave more positive ratings to Pasco as a place to work, fitness opportunities, health care, mental health care, education and enrichment opportunities, openness and acceptance of the community and neighborliness in 2017 compared to 2015.

·         Higher marks were given to police services (63% to 78%), crime prevention and animal control.
·         Pasco residents also gave higher ratings to their overall confidence in City government and the job the City government does at being honest. These were the highest ratings observed since the questions were first asked in 2013."
  Some areas where citizens felt improvement was needed included snow removal during winter, and public information services-making needed information available to citizens.


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