Frustrations over decisions made by some state leaders have reached a boiling point.

In the last two years, there have been some half-hearted petition efforts to recall Gov. Jay Inslee. One of them sputtered out at about 25,000 signatures. But now, a petition seeking the "impeachment" of both Gov. Inslee AND Attorney General Bob Ferguson has grabbed headlines--and signatures.

A man by the name of Austin Thornhill of Pasco created the petition around 6am Thursday morning at  As of 12:30PM the following Friday it had just about 9,000 registered signers---update--now it's at 9,152.

The petition is likely a result of Ferguson's plans Thursday that were officially made public about seeking another round of anti-2nd Amendment restrictions--especially concerning AR-15 and other related weapons. That, plus Ferguson's war against Initiative and Anti-Tax king Tim Eyman, and his efforts to defeat Baronelle Stutzman (owner of Arlene's Flowers) over her religious convictions have broken the camel's back.

Ferguson has also incurred the wrath of many citizens and legislators with his seemingly 'prideful' assault on the Trump Administration. Ferguson's press releases trumpet the fact that he's sued the Feds over 20 times concerning policy decisions.

He's been given the nickname "lapdog" or "Inslee's lapdog" because of his lock-in-step response to Inslees' policies. Not sure where this will lead, but unlike two years ago, or even a year, voters are furious with many in our state government. Coming off legal wars being waged against Initiative 976 ($30 car tabs) it's not likely to subside.

To read and find out more about this petition, here's a direct link to the page. Just click on the button below.

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