Person of Interest in Pasco fatal stabbing, shooting (PPD-SIU)
Person of Interest in Pasco fatal stabbing, shooting (PPD-SIU)













The SIU (Special Investigations Unit) has released some images of a person of interest in Sunday's fatal stabbing and shooting.

Person of Interest sought by SIU

This person was captured on a Pasco PD dashcam walking (apparently) near the scene of the fatal stabbing and subsequent shooting of the stabbing suspect.

Anyone who may know who this is, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. Again, this is a person of interest. SIU did NOT say they are directly involved.

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A person of interest can be anything from a witness, to someone involved, it means Law Enforcement likely wants to talk to them about the case.

To review the details of what happened Sunday, click here. The SIU release included this video of the person walking past a Pasco Police Cruiser.

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