Some 52 protesters were arrested over the weekend after they pitched tents and other sleeping apparel on the railroad tracks leading to oil refineries near Anacortes, WA.

Sources say about another 2,000 kayakers took the waters nearby, hoping to 'block' oil transportation, but the actual number of participants was closer to several hundred and they had no effect on refinery business whatsoever. They only caused a brief delay Saturday, when some 150 protesters camped on the tracks. The 52 who were arrested refused to leave with the others Sunday morning.

Authorities say the oil trains began running again Sunday afternoon.

Skagit County officials say they informed the land protestors if they would leave, they could relocate to a nearby designated protest area near March's Point, but many preferred to get arrested for camping out on the tracks. It was part of a three-day protest, reportedly designed to call attention to global warming.

It's of note the majority of the protestors were, according to authorities, NOT from the area.  Therefore, they must have used gas-powered vehicles to haul their kayaks to the protest site...hmmm.



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