Is Obamacare the complete disaster it's being made out to be?

Obamacare is actually a two-part program.   One part that you're hearing about daily are the healthcare exchanges where people without insurance or those who already have programs, can shop for a new or "better" plan.  That's the one that's tanking.

The other part, which you're hearing almost nothing about, is the extension of Medicaid.   This is the other way the Obama administration is hoping to cover all of America.   If you look at the Medicaid numbers, since the plan became law in October, some 440,000 new people have enrolled.   The administration would view that as positive.

 However, according to a study done by the Kaiser Foundation,  under the Affordable Care Act, the government will pay 100% of the cost of expanded Medicaid until 2016. After that, depending upon the number of states that participate in Medicaid expansion, that percentage would possibly drop to about 90%.  So far, 25 states are participating.

The numbers of the other side of Obamacare do merit being called a disaster.   The government set a goal of 500,000 enrollees at the state and national exchanges for October,  they got maybe 50,000.   And that's if you believe government numbers.   The only way Obamacare will work is if millions of people sign up and start paying for healthcare.  That money is being used to fund the program.    Even Obama's penchant for deficit spending might not be able to save the program in it's existing form.

Partly because of Medicaid expansion, the program has to have huge enrollment numbers on the healthcare exchange side to offset those costs.   That is not happening.

So, yes,  Obamacare can at this time, be correctly labeled as a disaster.