A small part of the stash seized near Warden (ACSO)
A small part of the stash seized near Warden (ACSO)

Adams County Deputies have uncovered a pretty substantial stash of stolen signs at a home not far from Warden.

  Deputies tipped off about stolen signs

November 21st, the ACSO received multiple reports from residents who noticed a variety of road signs were missing from their neighborhoods. Deputies began to investigate, and Thursday was able to locate a sizeable stash of stolen signs.

They were located at a property in the 1800 block of East Franz Road, about 7 miles northeast of Warden. It wasn't just a couple of stop signs, Deputies said they found many.

They included stop signs, various other roadside and county road indicators as well as road name signs. They also found, according to the ACSO:

"Deputies recovered stolen road signs that belonged to the Public Works Departments of Adams County, Franklin County, and Lincoln County.

Also recovered were road signs belonging to the Washington State Department of Transportation, Burlington Northern Railroad, the United States National Park Service and other unknown entities."
  It's likely several dozen signs at least were located. Considering the average replacement cost of a sign alone is anywhere from $25 to $40, not to mention the cost of replacing the pole if needed, it's likely the suspect(s) is facing felony charges.
  Under Washington law (RCW) a person who steals an item or items more than $750 in value will face felony charges.
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  The ACSO says this remains an active investigation. Not sure if the suspect(s) was a collector or selling them online to make a buck. There are people who like to collect road signs.

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