There are some big issues on the primary ballots in Benton and Franklin County.

Whether it's area school boards, or the Benton County Sheriff Recall election, some important topics for people to vote on.

In Kennewick and Pasco, the events of COVID have had a dramatic impact on Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco School Board races.  A number of new faces are running, especially in Kennewick and Pasco.

Motivated and supported by area parents these candidates are seeking to unseat incumbents.

Also on the ballot, Benton County voters are being asked if they wish to recall Sheriff Jerry Hatcher. And don't forget all the City Council seats as well.

 How Low Are The Return Numbers?

So far, as of Today, Monday, August 2nd, returns are not strong. Granted, as long as a ballot is postmarked by August 3, no later than midnight, it can be counted. But so far return rates are not good.

Benton County Auditors office
Benton County Auditors office

The Benton County Auditor's office shows 18% ballot return, out of some 126,159 registered voters, which equates to (unofficially) to about 22,708 who have returned their ballot.

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In Franklin County, which has 42,827 registered, 4,583 have been returned, which is just over 11 percent according to the Auditor's office. 

It's not uncommon for off-year election cycles to be marked by low voter turnout, however, given the political climate we might see big numbers in 2022. But locally, it appears so far, not a lot of people are casting their votes.

Results will be tabulated, votes dropped off or mailed by the deadline will be counted, and we will find out results soon. We will see who makes the November general election in Benton and the City of Kennewick, and Richland for City Councils and school boards as well;  same for the similar issues in Franklin County and Pasco.

And in Benton, we will see how the Sheriff recall election turns out. But it appears not a lot of people will be making those decisions.


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