With the news that at least one labor union was able to 'squeeze' out a few concessions with Inslee's vaccine mandate shows the science is actually "political science" according to a State GOP Senator.

Senator Jeff Wilson (R-Longview) released remarks late Tuesday about the State Labor Union getting some concessions with Inslee's vaccine mandate.The concessions in question include a 45-day 'extension' for paid or unpaid leave to allow a state worker to get vaccinated. It also allows a worker whose religious exemption that is still being reviewed to go beyond the Oct. 18 deadline--provided they filed the paperwork no later than Sept. 13.

It also allows workers who filed the necessary paperwork by Oct. 18 to retire at the end of the year but use their leave (paid or unpaid) between Oct and 12-31.

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Wilson said about these concessions:

“What’s the science at play in these negotiations? Political science. There is no such thing here as one mandate for all of Washington to follow when different groups are allowed to negotiate for different concessions. If real science was driving the governor’s decisions, he would apply the same standards across the board. That is not what is happening here.

 “Every agency and group seem to have their own version of the exemption applications. One group’s religious exemption applications are denied. Another group is told their members won’t get fired if their exemption is pending when Oct. 18 rolls around. Still another group has apparently been led to believe their members’ applications for religious exemptions won’t be closely scrutinized. Where’s the consistency? Where’s the leadership? It’s certainly not in how the governor’s mandate is being applied."

  Wilson said for too long Inslee has been acting as if the legislature doesn't even exist, especially towards the GOP side of the aisle. Wilson and other Senators in the Freedom Caucus are still pushing for a special session to address these COVID issues, as well as the controversial new laws severely limiting Law Enforcement.

  It will be interesting to see what happens Oct. 18, whether state workers, educators, EMS and volunteers and law enforcement workers get fire if not vaccinated.

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