Officials say it's the biggest case of internal fraud in years.

WA State worker pays themselves an extra $878K

According to the WA State Auditor's Office, the person who worked in the Office of Administrative Hearings stole the money from the state between June 2019 and May 2023.

Authorities say the worker used the agency's credit card to make payments towards various debts and added up, it came to $878,000. Records only go back to 2009, it is the highest recorded internal theft, probably ever in the state.

KING 5 TV and other sources say the worker used the credit card to pay bills and even some of their cellphone charges.  However, they took an unexpected leave of absence in 2023 after auditors contacted the office, before quitting in June.

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The worker was part of the staff at the Officer of Administrative Hearings, which conducts hearings for all sorts of situations, it's a faster and cheaper alternative to trials.

Authorities say the worker was the only one in the office who had access to the credit card, so it was not noticed until an audit turned up non-governmental-related charges.

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