After every legislative session new laws go into effect later in the year, most of them on or around July 1st.

  Here are some of the laws that will actually impact you

Many of them won't but some will. Here are a few of them.

Undocumented Immigrants in WA can now get a professional license without a Social Security Number. 

A professional license in WA is required for many jobs that require significant training, whether it's at Hanford, or becoming a lawyer. They also cover jobs that have higher than usual occupational hazards. Previously, you had to have a SS Card, but not anymore.

Civil Action now allowed against a person who removes a sexual protection device without a partner's consent.

This bill allows a person to pursue civil claims (non-criminal action) against a person they have had sexual activity with, if said person removes a protection device, such as a condom, without their consent. This also covers tampering with such a device to make it ineffective. Presumably, it also applies to female protection devices, although they are much harder to 'tinker' with.

 Expansion of TANF window (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

Previously, the limit for receiving TANF money has been five years, with very few exceptions. Under the new law, the list of exemptions has significantly increased.

 Addressing Open Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls 

This new law will require the Department of Licensing, when applicable and available, to notify a driver of any open recalls on their vehicle. This would occur during a registration, tab renewal, or other vehicle inspection. DOL will have to notify them about any recall actions as a safety measure.

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