Freedom of expression is what makes our nation different from many others around the world, and often produces very different reactions to societal issues. Often, different groups, entities or people will voice very different views. It's a necessary part of freedom.

While some  businesses closed Thursday in protest over political issues, one establishment stayed open.

A Day Without Immigrants was a protest staged against efforts by the Trump Administration to put a freeze on immigration and certain VISA processing due to security, logistical and other safety issues that threaten the nation.

13 Tri-City restaurants and businesses closed, protesting what they claim is a 'Muslim' ban and plans to strengthen border security and build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

However, we have learned from a number of Newstalk listeners and followers, that one establishment, Kiko's Tacos located at 1014 South Washington Street, stayed open and chose to voice their opinion in a different way.

According to several customers who stopped by, Kiko's focused soley on the opportunities afforded to immigrants in America, and they celebrated by offering a variety of specials for their customers throughout the day.

We don't have any figures, but from what we were told, business was pretty brisk at their location.

Freedom of expression allows you to voice your opinion, and that's necessary for our society. It's just refreshing when you see people who recognize and focus on the opportunities they've been afforded, and choose to pay it forward.

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