The poor woman not only got stuck, but up to her ARMPIT!

According to NW Cable News, a Fred Meyer employee at the store in Newberg, OR, was trying to get a broom handle that had somehow fallen into a small floor drain in the back of the store, but realized in horror she was stuck!

Last Saturday afternoon, the woman, who's identity was not released except for her first name, removed the cover to grab the broom handle, which was several feet down. She was able to grab it, but then discovered her arm, which she had extended all the way down to nearly her armpit, was stuck.

After workers tried to use soap and water, and other lubricating devices to free her, the 911 call was placed shortly before 5pm. Fire crews ended up carefully jackhammering the concrete around the drain to get it loose, then pulled enough of the pipe free by cutting it well below where her arm was.  Apparently once the pipe was removed, it only took a matter of minutes to slide her arm out.

The 24-year-old woman name Lonnie, was taken to an area hospital to have her arm checked, as fire crews wanted to make sure she didn't suffer any internal damage cause by the pressure of the pipe and the lack of blood circulating.  She was said to be completely ok.


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