The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has been often referred to by conservative political experts as the 'circus' court of appeals, and sometimes even less than civil names. It's because the court has traditionally upheld, in their opinion, liberal interpretations of law. As far back as 2003, noted columnist George Will referred to the court as such.

The Circuit Court Thursday afternoon upheld a suit filed by WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson that was originally upheld by a U.S. District Judge in Seattle.  The 9th Circuit, as well as the U.S. District Court for Western Washington, agreed with Ferguson that President Trump's Executive Orders halting immigration and visa processing was unconstitutional. It also affected travel by immigrants and those with visas into the U.S.

Trump had filed the Executive Orders stopping the processes for 90 to 120 days until better security and screening processes could be put in place, and until officials had a chance to examine them and make them safer. The order involved 7 countries known to have links or to have sponsored or harbored terrorist activities or tendencies. These 7 nations were considered terrorist threats even before the Trump Administration took office.

Ferguson had filed the suit, blocking the order, and the U.S. District Judge upheld it. Then the Trump Administration appealed to the 9th Circuit, and Thursday they sided with Ferguson.

According to Fox News, the Trump Administration replied with a furious Tweet, "see you in court."  In reality, most legal and political experts predicted this issue will wind up perhaps in the Supreme Court.

According to Fox News:

"Supporters of Trump's order argue it will help keep America safe from terrorists looking to infiltrate the United States from terror hotspots that often have inadequate vetting procedures. Opponents have argued it is unconstitutional and discriminatory – claiming that it is a “Muslim ban” and that it has harmed individuals and businesses.

The court ruled that the government has not presented "any evidence" of a sufficient national security threat from the seven countries in question."


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