Over the weekend, Kennewick police were busy chasing a small group of juveniles who were causing a disturbance, and one of them busted after a chase.

Around 12:45am Saturday morning, police arrived at Arthur and Canal Drive after getting a report of some juvenile males reportedly raiding a ruckus and being drunk.

Upon arrival, they found a 17-year-old male standing in the middle of the road. He refused to follow police commands and ran but was captured after a short chase. Police found he had a backpack full of alcohol and a toy pistol. Another teen was arrested outside of Safeway on Kennewick Ave. shortly after 2am, he is suspected of being part of the earlier group.

Among the alcohol found on teens (Kennewick police)
Among the alcohol found on teens (Kennewick police)

Both teens were sent to the Juvenile Facility, the second male was a reported runaway.

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