According to Sgt. Aaron Clem of the Kennewick Police Department, the Back The Blue rally scheduled for Saturday 6-20 from 12-2PM near City Hall was NOT affiliated in any way with the department; nor was it in any way a KPD sanctioned or sponsored event.

It was a group of citizens who organized it, and then chose to abruptly cancel over what were said to be "credible threats," a quote from the organizer herself.

Sgt. Clem told us "we are aware of comments on social media," comments that clearly appeared to be "aggressive" in nature, and indicated that certain individuals intended to come to the event and be "disruptive,"  his quoted words in italics.

Sgt. Clem said KPD was not  aware of any "direct threats of violence towards any organization or individual" based upon what they have actually seen themselves.  He did say the comments on social media indicating disruptive behavior would be directed at the rally were "numerous."

He did classify the comments as "alarming."   For that reason and in the interest of safety and to prevent any potential confrontations or issues, the event organizers chose to cancel (or perhaps postpone) the Back The Blue Rally.

We have not been made aware if any groups or organizations were behind the comments, or if they were directed specifically at the organizer herself or her and others. But KPD has confirmed numerous social media comments indicated  disruption appeared to be planned, so much so  that the event was cancelled by decision of the organizers.


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