Did you know a temporary homeless camp has been in place near Highway 395 and Vista Way in Kennewick?  We haven't see it, but as of Friday March 10th, it's going away. It's located in the dark brown building pictured on the corner.

It's probably not the end of the ongoing situation involving Dayspring Ministries, which saw one of its organizers, Pastor Bill Price, get arrested then released. According to city officials, Price and the ministry, along with the River of Life Church, were warned several times the temporary homeless camp they set up in central Kennewick was ripe with code violations.

For that reason, they were told to disband it. According to KVEW-42 ABC TV, Price and others were warned there would be repercussions if they didn't comply.

Finally Price was arrested, but then released by officials. The camp, which has been in place in some form for nearly a year in a building at 2625 East Bruneau. The second floor had been converted to a shelter.

However, according to a report in the Spokesman Review Newspaper, complaints began to pour in after the shelter was opened, and they included loitering, camping, drug dealing, fireworks, fighting, garbage and human waste. According to the Review, they spoke to one area business owner anonymously, who called the area a "hot mess."

According to KVEW-TV, the camp is scheduled to close.

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