Because a council member was missing others on the Kennewick City Council voted to postpone, or delay, a vote on having legislative prayer before meetings. The vote was during their council meeting Tuesday evening.

   The vote was 6-1 in favor of postponing

According to KVEW-TV, a large number of citizens commented on the proposal by Councilman John Trumbo, which was brought up recently.

Loren Anderson was not at their recent workshop when Councilman Trumbo proposed the idea. It was one he had also brought up 8 years ago.

A wide variety of comments from citizens were heard, some in favor, some against, and some arguing for separation of church and state. One said they believed in prayer but felt it did not have a place in such settings.

A thorough presentation of the involvement of prayer in governmental activities was presented to the council earlier, it was on the agenda in the area of New Business.

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However, the proposal was postponed until the council's August 16th meeting. Councilman Trumbo was the lone no vote against delaying a vote on the matter, according to KVEW-TV.

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