While it's illegal to sell fetal tissue or aborted body parts, they are still often donated and used for research, and in some cases, stem cell medical procedures. This was at the center of the Planned Parenthood controversy, where hidden camera investigations and other data claimed the agency was selling them against Federal law.

Now, Representative Brad Klippert (GOP-Richland) has introduced a House bill that if passed, would prohibit ANY use of aborted fetal body parts for any purpose. It specifically says "prohibiting the sale, donation or use of aborted fetal body parts." This bill of course would only have jurisdiction within the state of  Washington.

No doubt this stems from the Planned Parenthood controversy, and the bill would apparently touch all the bases and leave nothing up to chance.  According to the text of the bill, in layman's terms, the only legal method of 'disposal' will be by burial or cremation per state requirements and standards.

Although it's already illegal to sell the parts, Federal law, if this law passes it would eliminate any use of any fetal body tissue for any purpose if the fetus was aborted.

The bill is supported by Rep. Larry Haler, also a Republican from Richland. It is also supported by 13 other Representatives. As of this writing, it was headed to Committee. If it clears the HHC/Wellness Committee it would head to the House floor for a vote.


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