It's interesting to note that the individual who oversees the Sexual Education programs being proposed and taught in Washington State public schools is a former counselor and 'educator' for Planned Parenthood.  She works for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, or OPSI--the state's public school system.

Laurie Dils is the coordinator or in charge of the programs. This includes the CSE, or Comprehensive Sexual Education curriculum being pushed at the legislative level. Her formal title is, according to her LinkedIn profile, is PREP Coordinator, Sexuality Education Coordinator for OSPI. It's a role she has held since 2012, according to the profile and state data.

Little is available about Dil's history with the group, but an article in the Seattle 'alternative' news The Stranger from 2004 about male birth control pills makes numerous references and has quotes from Dils.  As of 2004, it says she's worked as a Planned Parenthood counselor and 'educator' for 7 years. The writer makes it clear they spoke with Dils as part of their research.  A comprehensive search also turned up a few other PP references to Dils.

With help from Vancouver House Rep Monica Stonier (who helped introduce the CSE legislation for the new K-6 sex ed) Dils has been pushing for these new programs to become mandatory in school districts.  Although supporters say parents can opt out, sources say Dils and others are pushing to expand the CSE ideas to be included in other areas of education where applicable.

As for this new CSE plan suddenly seeming to appear from 'nowhere,' it's actually been pushed for since 2016 at least.  According to data published at, several CSE surveys showed nearly 60% of parents were not comfortable with the CSE plan. However, says Planned Parenthood paid for Facebook ads targeting Washington families over the CSE initiatives. This was known to have been done at least in Southwest Washington state, and likely other areas.

Also, in 2017, concerns were expressed in Spokane about CSE curriculum that Dils was in favor of. According to the Spokesman Review, she "dismissed" concerns about Planned Parenthood's involvement. However, the Spokane County Republican Party chair, Stephanie Cates, disagreed, saying the curriculum or CSE at that time and apparently going forward, was developed by Planned Parenthood.

For those wishing to give their input on the proposed CSE programs, click on the button below for Dils' contact information.

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