You've probably heard about Zerorez on Newstalk 870, well it actually works.

As the kind of people who are very skeptical about products and services,  my wife and I are pretty particular about what we use in our home.    For years, like many of you, we would trek off to the big-box store, or grocery store, and rent that carpet cleaner.

By the time we rented, bought the shampoo, the special extra pet cleaner, and the deodorant additive, we'd spent a lot of money.  Oh - don't forget the anti-foam chemicals or else you end up with a bubble bath on your rug.

Then months later,  we'd end up with stains returning, sometimes in areas that weren't dirty before.   We wondered why to the point of wrapping duct tape around our heads.

Then, we tried Zerorez.   Tyson and the folks came out and showed us why we were doing it wrong.  Of course they were GREAT about it, we just didn't know any better.

Here's some surprising facts about carpet cleaning:

  1. Soap and shampoo leave unseen residue in the carpet and the pad, which actually attracts MORE dirt and oils - bringing back stains later. It's that "sticky" feeling under your bare feet even after you've shampooed.
  2. The more chemicals you dump on the carpet to clean it, the harder it is on the fabric and pad.  Think what bleaches and dyes to do people's hair - it's the same idea.
  3. Most of the time with a traditional carpet cleaner, you have to go over and over a stain to get it "clean" which soaks the carpet and pad.  It takes hours for it to dry, and TOO much water and shampoo can actually hurt your subfloor.

But Zerorez uses a patented system called Empowered Water.   Actual water is scientifically warmed and changed so it acts like shampoo!  This water actually lifts more dirt and oil and residue from your carpet than harmful soaps, and because it requires fewer passes to clean, it dries in much less time.  Within a few hours, carpets are fully ready for traffic and people.    Try doing THAT with a shampoo unit!

The Zerorez hair removal and nap machine
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For years, we always cleaned our carpets late at night after the kids went to bed because we knew they would need all night to dry, and sometimes they were still damp and tacky in the morning.  Not anymore!

Plus, the technicians even wear special shoe covers while working on the carpet so no additional dirt or residue gets on the carpet!  They also have a new device that not only brushes up the nap or "fluff" in your carpet, it removes hard-to-get pet hair.  Ever tried to get that "wiry" dog hair from Jack Russels or short-haired dogs off carpet or rugs? You practically have to use tweezers.  Zerorez gets it out!

Get your home ready for spring and save hundreds of dollars annually by taking advantage of the special May offer, of just $44 per room.  Mention John McKay to get the deal!  And they also do great duct cleaning work too.  Most companies just shove a hose down the air vents and hope to get all the dust, dirt (and crayons!).  Zerorez uses a special soft brush that looks like an airplane propeller that actually cleans the walls of your ductwork while removing dirt.  When you pull the air vents and look down the pipes, you will actually see silver metal again!

Zerorez - cleaning without soap!
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Call Zerorez at (509)-582-9000 or   Fast, friendly, and affordable.  And they show up on time, and call you when they're en route.   It's almost too easy, but once you try it, you'll never shampoo your carpets again.

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