Unless you imported thousands of dollars of exotic hardwood,   most of us have carpets in our homes.   With all the foot traffic, dirt, animal "whoopsies"  and other misadventures,  it's a wonder the carpets aren't looking like a shop rag.   Here's how to change that!

Zerorez Tri-Cities has been getting carpets really clean since coming to the Tri-Cities.    We've been smart enough to finally quit using the clunky, soapy machines that literally take 3-4 hours to clean one room, and started using Zerorez.

It's pretty simple.  They use electricity to modify pure water so it behaves like it's got soap in it - it's a trademarked secret by the way.    This hot treated water gets the deep down dirt, pet stains, and gook loose so it can be completely pulled out of the carpet.   And if you wonder about how powerful their machines are, their vacuum treatment system runs off the power of the 350-400 cubic inch engine in their state-of-the-art company vans!

Normal carpet cleaners leave behind soapy residue - even if it 'feels' clean.  That in turn attracts MORE dirt and dust and pollen, so your carpets actually get dirty faster! Who knew?  That old machine you rent at the big box store actually makes it dirtier.

Zerorez starts by spraying your carpet with a safe, organic pre-treatment that loosens and frees up the dirt and gunk.  It even smells good!

Then, they use what's called a Brush Master.  It's a machine that uses two big rollers with soft bristles, and it gets rid of just about any pet hair or other unwanted fibers.   We found out the Brush Master cleans your carpet almost as well as many other professional services by itself!

Now for the cool part!  The powerful water vacuum tool.  It operates in a similar manner to traditional cleaners except no soap, and that monster engine behind it means it gets the water out.    Most of the time, your carpets will be dry to the touch in as little as an hour or two...wow!

And finally, the end result!  Yikes!   Our technician, Robert,  gave me a "sample" of what they pulled out of our carpets.   If you don't your family exposed to this kind of gunk,  then you need to call Zeroez today! (509)-582-9000 or zeroreztricities.com.   Or check them out on Facebook.   They're professional, know their stuff, and guarantee that you'll be happy!     And the best part?  You will NEVER have to kick everyone out of the house for 4 hours while you try to clean the carpets yourself.   yay!


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