This story stands as a prototypical example of what happens when people use cellphones behind the wheel, especially if they're a teen.

But it's more than that. Wednesday night around 10pm, Kennewick police responded to an accident in the 2200 block of West 8th Place, a report of a rollover collision.

The driver of the upside down car, a teen female, was exceeding the speed limit (high rate of speed) when she looked at her phone to change the song that was playing. She slammed into a parked vehicle, causing her car to flip over. Fortunately, she was not injured but was cited for not having a license.

Worse yet, her parents are in hot water for giving her permission to drive, and she and they will be on the hook for the damage cause to the parked vehicles. The truck she hit was knocked into a third vehicle, also causing damage. Not to mention the difficulty she will now have trying to get insurance.

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