In the wake of 3 Pasco shooting protestors who were arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct, many are asking, why hasn't this happened sooner?

Despite the continued protests and marches, the vast majority of public opinion - at least on social media - is growing tired of the displays by those protesting the shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes February 10th. in Pasco. While most condemn the death of a person,  citizens are growing weary of the disruptions being caused by a steady diet of marches, protests and gatherings. Several of them have caused significant disruptions with traffic in Pasco.

Last Saturday,  four people were taken to the Franklin County jail, three of them for reported disorderly conduct, the fourth was found to have had outstanding warrants for carrying a controlled substance.  Some witnesses said the three who were arrested refused to stop lying down in the street, blocking traffic. Police removed them from the scene.

Witnesses and news reports indicate the Saturday protest also had a number of motorists in the area honking their horns in anger at the protestors for refusing to move and keeping them from getting where they needed to go.

According to Pasco police officials, the reason for the breakup of this march was because unlike a previous such effort, these protestors did not get a permit from the City to stage their march.

However that does not answer why there weren't  arrests and a similar break up of a more disruptive protest that occurred on the Cable Bridge between Pasco and Kennewick back on February 21st.   During that march, a group of about 50 people blocked the Southbound lanes as they marched slowly from Pasco to the Kennewick side.

At that time, according to news reports, Pasco police chose not to stage a presence at the scene.  The group turned around on the bridge, blocking cars headed North into Pasco.  The only police presence seen was a lone patrol car, which slowly trailed the group until they left the bridge and dispersed. That Saturday evening protest resulted in cars being back up the entire length of the bridge, and spilling back well into Pasco, then back as far as Columbia Drive in Kennewick as the protestors reversed directions.

No mention was made if the February 21st protestors had applied for a permit, either.

A growing number of comments on various social media outlets, especially Facebook, are in support of the arrests, and asking why it didn't start earlier?

Another recurring theme appears to be:  People have the right to peacefully demonstrate and voice their opinions provided they do it through the proper channels; but those protests become unreasonable when they purposely and sometimes dangerously disrupt the lives of others who are not involved.

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