The Washington State Medical Commission (WSMC) Tuesday released information that I found rather shocking.

On the surface it appears they're 'trying to do good' by stamping out 'misinformation' about COVID, vaccines, treatments etc.  However, after you read it a few times, it comes across like a thinly-veiled threat.

  The WSMC is the state medical licensing and 'police' force if you will, handling and overseeing medical workers.

Part of the wording from the WSMC and State Helath Secretary Dr. Umair A. Shah read as follows:

 “It has never been more vital for trusted healthcare professionals to band together against the threat of misinformation. As we battle COVID-19, with so many tools at our disposal to protect ourselves and others, it is viral misinformation, rooted in unfounded scientific claims, that often stands in our way."

Stands in our way? Our way of what, exactly?

He also said:

"Now more than ever we must align with the oath we took to “do no harm,” and part of that means trusting science, listening, educating and caring for our patients according to the guidelines set by the FDA, the CDC, and experts at the state health department as we work to care for and protect the people we treat.”

That last part is very telling. He's basically implying unless you rely on these afore-mentioned 'experts,' you're in the wrong. But NOW it could wind up getting you disciplined.

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Here's where it gets interesting. Again from the WSMC official release:

"What this position statement means for the public is, the WMC may discipline practitioners who are found offering treatments and recommendations regarding COVID-19 that fall below standard of care as established by medical experts, federal authorities and legitimate medical research. A simplified version of that explanation can be labeled as COVID misinformation. Commissioner and ER physician, Harlan Gallinger said,..."

So, who are the medical experts? That's the key to this entire story. It clearly implies that if you 'step' out of the 'accepted' and established resources listed in this story by WSMC, you could wind up in trouble. Never mind how credible the other information is.

Does it appear we have reached the point of censorship, pressure, and even bullying by the state when it comes to medical professionals?

 To read this statement for yourself, click on the button below.

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